The Pandemic’s Unintended Consequences – A Better and More Agile Business

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About this session

Three months ago, IT directors had to place most of their plans on hold and immediately focus on getting their workforce productive from home. They also had to support their field workforce with necessary IT tools and guidance. For the first time human behavior is changing faster than technology. There are not suddenly new technologies to communicate or work more efficiency. The crisis has forced people and companies to work differently and has profound positive impacts to the way we do business. This keynote presentation will be made jointly by Mel Heckman, a senior IT executive from outside the industry and Angus Frost, a senior IT consulting director who comes from within the industry. They will share the podium and engage in a lively and spirted discussion on flipping the conversation of the pandemic to a more enlightened vision of the future and what executives can do to embrace the digital transformation. They will also share specific tactics they are seeing both inside and outside the industries. In addition to sharing specific strategies, Mel and Angus want to help develop a framework for IT directors to use when evaluating their own situation and planning for the future.

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