Moving from Reactive to Predictive – Identifying High-Risk Design Issues to Help Reduce RFIs

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About this session

Contractors who have moved to digital platforms are faced with a flood of information every single day—tracking issues, checking turnaround times on RFIs, and managing design changes and schedule adjustments. So, how do you sort through the noise to understand which areas are the most critical and actionable? We’ve seen in a few instances how predictive analytics are helping contractors take proactive approaches to managing processes around safety and quality. But what if there was an opportunity to identify areas of risk, using predictive analytics, earlier in the process?

During this session, Barton Malow will share how they are using predictive analytics to identify and mitigate high-risk design problems early- helping to reduce RFIs and late changes during construction. Barton Malow will give specific examples of what they are learning, and how construction companies of all sizes can look at applying predictive analytics to better understand and utilize their construction data.

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