Business Process Improvement: More Agile Processes in WFH Environment

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About this session

For most construction firms, business processes have been in place for a long time and normally take Herculean efforts to change them. The resent disruption in everyone’s routine required a quick shuffle to change workflows and processes, particularly those that depended on physical presence for things like invoice processing and check signing. We are awash in technology but still have legacy procedures in place which don’t leverage the solutions available. Sometimes we have more than one solution available to perform a given function. So how does an organization develop contemporary business processes that are more efficient, less risky, and take into account the potential movement of workers? What role should IT play in that transformation. This session will provide a framework for thinking about business processes and identifying those which are associated with high risk, high inefficiency, or are likely to need WFH flexibility. We will also look at the technology requirements for making the requisite change. We will also look at enabling technologies which IT can use to help teams improve processes (e.g. middleware, Low-code solutions).

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